Have you tried every diet out there, but bounced right back? Have you been working your butt off at the gym, but still not seeing the results you want? Are you ready to learn some new habits, find a balance that works for you and finally exist in a happy, healthy, sustainable way?

Let's talk about you.


“Shir is an amazing coach with a wealth of knowledge. She really took the time to listen to me and guide me through the process of improving my nutritional habits and increasing my daily activity. She integrates the psychological, emotional, and physical aspects of nutrition and fitness to give a whole life approach to health and well being. I am thrilled with the results of our time together.”

Brenda Donlin, Scientist/Educator


About Me

With 20+ years of experience, I am dedicated to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. I am here to help you evolve and develop healthy habits for life. Everyone is different, and a program cannot stand alone without considering the individual it is designed for.

Let's talk about you.

Every step we take together is based on your goals, fitness and nutrition level and individual needs and limitations.

Don't wait until the stars align... contact me to now get started!

Shir Warr  |  CSCS,*D/KBC/PN1


“Shir is professional, knowledgeable and punctual. She designed workouts for me based on the equipment I have at home and at the local park.

This is the first time I’ve been consistent in training, although I workout alone. I’ve noticed this improved my posture, my mood/emotional well-being, I feel stronger and more resilient, and it’s helped reduce pain I had during daily activities.

She uses easy and interesting ways to teach me how to make smarter food decisions that fit my lifestyle and are practical. I feel comfortable sharing things with her on a deeper level, and we can talk about all my struggles and find ways to lower my stress.

Shir has been a gift to me—her approach is holistic and she considers everything!”

Michal Manor-Amir, Teacher