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I am dedicated to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. I am here to provide challenges, help you evolve your fitness level and develop healthy habits for life. Everyone is different, and a plan cannot stand alone without considering the individual it is designed for.

Let's talk about you. Together we'll create a customized fitness plan based on your goals, current fitness level and individual needs and limitations. Contact me to get started!


Franses Simonovich, Film/TV Producer

My training experience with Shir was transforming. In the past I always had difficulty building muscle and strength on my own. Sometimes it even resulted in minor injuries. I likened myself to being a bit uncoordinated and a learned athlete. Shir was not convinced of my so called lack of athletic abilities. We not only achieved building lean muscle and strength for my body, she transformed me into the athlete I never knew I had been. I felt like a true superhero and I was in the best physical shape of my life. We combined Kung Fu training with strength and aerobic training, which we designed for my specific needs and provided me with the additional bonus of mental balance, clarity and happiness.

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Let's talk about you.


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