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Common Questions


What kind of health and fitness coaching do you provide?

I like to see Better Human as having a client-centered, whole person approach to coaching. As a coach, my main goal is to help you navigate your own life—your goals, your setbacks, and any factors that help you move towards success or get in the way of your success.

We will collaborate to find the best ways to help you. This means I will not judge you for any issues you might have, any decisions you want to make, anything you share with me, or any reasons you have for doing things your way. Together we will build an arsenal of healthy habits that will stay with you for life and help you redefine yourself in a way that works for you.

How are you different from other coaches?

I will not yell at you, disrespect you, scold you or tell you that you "should have [insert action here]" or that you've been "bad".

I will not demand perfection from you; but I will expect that you show a level of commitment to yourself, and show up for yourself.

I will not give you a meal plan to follow religiously; we will choose foods that work for you, and create a flexible, joyful space where you can exist happily and without fear.

I will not make ultimate decisions for you; you will be making the decisions, because you are the expert on your mind and body.

I am not here to tell you what your destination should be; but I will help you navigate the complex roadmap of your life right now, with my gentle, attentive and compassionate guidance.

I will not choose the path for you; I will help illuminate all possible paths that might be helpful to you, but you will choose which way to go.

Do I have to have a gym membership?

Not at all. And, you don't have to have any gym equipment at home either, if that's not your "bag", baby. Every person has different needs and preferences, and finding what works for you is the best way to ensure long lasting success. Movement is movement, and our goal is to find the kind of movement that brings you joy!

How long is the program?

My program can take between 6–12 months. The amount of time you need depends on where you are when you begin, and how quickly you're able to advance. You will get the most benefit from the full 12 months, because this will give you enough time to spend on each habit, ensuring it becomes a part of your life and not a temporary experiment.

When I feel you are ready to become independent (which is sometimes much earlier than the full 12 months), I will start preparing you for graduation and life on your own, but you are welcome to return any time!

Why don't you accept everyone to your program?

I believe in a client-coach connection, and being a good "match" for one another. If our communication styles are very different, or if you aren't truly willing, able and ready to make meaningful change, invest in yourself, step outside of your comfort zone and reflect more deeply, we might not be a good match to work together.

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