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Temporary Effort = Temporary Results

Ever wonder why you can't keep the weight off?

You've done Keto.

You've tried intermittent fasting.

You've done 75-Hard, Whole 30, the DASH diet, went raw and even carnivore...

But nothing stuck. You keep quitting halfway through.


You get started on something new, with a great feeling of excitement and of "it's gonna work this time, I know it!".

But a few weeks into it, life happens, and you just don't feel like keeping it up anymore.

And maybe that method you chose doesn't truly resonate with your values or identity.

Maybe you are not doing this for the right reasons (ever ask yourself "why"?).

Or maybe you tell yourself stories, like the one where you're the kind of person who doesn't succeed with those things anyway, so why bother trying. Again.

But fact is, whatever you choose to do, consistency is key.

You will not be able to see results in one week, or two, or maybe even eight.

And consistency means sticking with it even when it's not 100% convenient, or comfortable, even when it's raining (outside or in your life...).

And, if you keep going for methods you can't see yourself maintaining forever, you're setting yourself up for failure.

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